Donald Trump’s India’s Visit : Important features



President of United States(US) Donald Trump visited India on 24th February, 2020. This maiden visit of Donald Trump along with his wife and first lady Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump is very important not only from the point of view of relations between India and US but also for the Presidential elections which are going to be held in US in November, 2020. This ofcourse is very crucial for the US President when crores of Indians are residing in US and that becomes a good vote bank in order to get a win-win situation in coming elections this year.


India and the United States share interest in a united, sovereign, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan. They support an peace owned Afghansitan and reconciliation process that results in sustainable peace. President Trump welcomed India’s role in continuing to provide development and security assistance to help stabilize and provide connectivity in Afghanistan.


Besides, Modi and Trump condemned all types of cross-border terrorism. They also called on Pakistan to ensure that no terrorist activities are launched from the territory under its control.


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On the issue of Kashmir, Donald trump said that Pakistan is a great friend of US and India is a brave country. Kashmir is a thorn between India and Pakistan. There are always two sides of a story and both the country will resolve the issue with the mutual understanding.

However it was already cleared by Trump that there would be no trade deal between India and United states.






  • Several deals and MoUs are signed between India and US.
  • A Defence deal has been agreed upon by both the countries worth of $3 billion. This deal includes the procurement of 24 MH – 60 Romeo Helicopters from US Company Lockheed Martin.


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  • India will buy 6 AH – 64 E Apache Helicopters from US Company Boeing for $800 billion.


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Modi said, “Defence cooperation between two countries is reflective of the rising strategic partnership between India and the US.”



  • Trump reassured that United States is committed in fighting terrorrism and stands by it. He further affirmed that  both the countries stand by each other in fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism.
  • US is also making effort in working with Pakistan to confront the terrorists thriving in its soil.
  • He also added that the two countries are making efforts to hold those responsible for the crime who are supporters of terrorrism.



  • Trump had clearly stated before his visit that there is not going to be any trade deal between US and India.
  • At the ‘Namaste Trump’ event held in Ahmedabad, Trump said that both the countries are making each and every possible effort to expand the economic ties.


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  • He further added that they both are are in early stage of discussion regarding an incredible trade deal to reduce the barriers  for investments between both the countries.
  • Trump said that  the US International Development Finance Cooperation would set up a permanent presence in India.
  • MoU on the safety of medical products signed between Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Letter of Cooperation signed between Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and Exxon Mobil India LNG Ltd and Chart Industries Inc, US.

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